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Brewing Bliss at Sugarbee! ☕️

Calling all coffee connoisseurs and cake enthusiasts! Dive into a delightful new chapter at Sugarbee, where we're brewing up more than just delicious desserts. Now, at our Megamall and Glorietta branches, you can savor the perfect marriage of coffee and cake – a sweet symphony for your senses.


Signature Cloud Coffee

Indulge in our Signature Cloud coffee: a dreamy blend of creamy latte foam and perfectly roasted espresso, crafted with love by our expert baristas

Cake + Coffee

And what pairs better with coffee than a decadent slice of cake? Sugarbee's renowned creations are the perfect companions, ready to tantalize your taste buds.

So, whether you're looking for a mid-morning pick-me-up, a sweet afternoon treat, or a leisurely coffee date with friends, Sugarbee's Coffee Rendezvous is your new haven.

Remember, this coffee experience is exclusive to our Megamall and Glorietta branches. So head over, savor the sip, indulge in the bite, and discover the magic of Sugarbee's Coffee Rendezvous.